5 Must-Have Leather Items in today’s World!

Leather is a fabric that has been used by humans long before the advent of fashion industry. It is a vintage material that has been present in all eras & has been used by pretty much every civilization. Ancient civilizations used leather for making things like bags, boots and sandals. Just like their ancient counterparts, modern designers have come up with a range of interesting leather products.

Let’s look at 5 Must-Have leather items in today’s times.

I. Hand Bags


The durability of leather makes it an ideal choice for handbags. This means even if subjected to daily/regular use, a standard leather hand bag can last for several years.
Sadly, many people have a misguided thought that leather is expensive. But due to its longevity, the savings are way more than spending on a bag, which needs to be repaired or replaced every couple of years.
Finally, the elegance that comes with leather cannot be matched by any other fabric!


II. Wallets


The fabric breathes!
Imagine what would happen if you seal & leave your room for year; no prizes for guessing it would be a disaster. Obviously, you don’t want something similar happening to your pocket, do you?
Leather is a fabric, which makes sure the stink doesn’t stay in your pocket. It’s like leaving your room with a slight window open.


III. Shoes/Sandals


Being in India during the monsoons, with the puddles forming on every little street, your shoes need to be protected. And leather helps you do exactly that.
The wear & tear that you make your shoes go through is not even funny. The average human walks about 6 kms every single day going about their lives. And that puts a lot of stress on the feet and those covering them! Hence, leather shoes/sandals work perfectly, because they are built with a hulk of durability.
The style also matters along with the functionality and that’s where Adamis comes in.


IV. Laptop Bags


Needless to say, laptops are a delicate device and need adequate protection. A slight damage to the laptop can cost thousands. While almost every laptop comes with a standard cloth bag, the kind of protection provided by a leather laptop bag is way superior. Also, the style quotient of these standard bags is very basic, whereas a leather laptop bag allows to make a powerful style statement.
Adamis offers a wide range of stylish, durable and user-friendly laptop bags.


V. Belts


Have you ever wondered about the various colour combinations that you have to try out before you get the perfect match between your pant & belt?
Well, that wouldn’t happen if you go for smart yet elegant leather belts. Because not only do leather belts have shades of various colours that go with most formal wear, they are also quite flexible. In fact, they are as adaptable as a chameleon’s camouflage.


So, we believe these Must – Haves will definitely make you a fashion furor. (Fashion Icon might be going a bit too far :D)

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