6 Things only Hand-bag Lovers Understand!

Handbags are undisputedly one of the most important accessories in the history of fashion. They lend effect to your body, look and shape and can take your image from being dull and boring, to bold and sophisticated or fun and sexy. Fashionistas might frown at your clothes, hairdo, or earrings, but all is forgiven if you carry a stunning handbag.

Most women feel incomplete without their handbags and as clothing styles become ever more streamlined and minimalist, it is your choice of accessory that makes you stand out from the crowd. However, here are 6 things only hand-bag lovers truly value and understand:

  1. You might possess a huge collection of bags; however, you can’t have enough of them

Each time you go shopping you come across at least one bag that you absolutely love! And, of course, you buy it! With so many bags of varying sizes, shapes and styles, you need to find a special one that catches your attention, one which you can’t let go of or ignore.

  1. You don’t mind spending your savings on bags

Handbags are long haul companions in comparison to clothes that lose lustre and quickly go out of style. Hence you don’t mind splurging that extra buck on bags, because you think they are worth the money spent.

  1. Buying a hand bag gives you a feeling of satisfaction

It’s found that most women get more satisfaction from buying a smart bag than buying clothes, shoes or other any accessories. Handbags put forth a statement and they are also of great utility.

  1. Repeating the same handbag is no crime

You can carry a classic brown leather bag everyday to work. But if you own a high quality handbag like Adamis, it will give you a brand new a feeling each time you step out. A good handbag is a long-term investment in style.

  1. You get annoyed when your bag gets even the slightest scratch

You are irked if one of your beautiful handbags gets even the slightest scratch or loses its colour. You don’t easily lend your bag to anyone, even your bestie, without that slight trepidation. Your bag is of utmost importance to you and is almost as precious as your jewellery.

  1. Your prime aim: To own a bag of each type 

Each type of bag involves a different set of design elements. Therefore, you want to make sure to stock up on a variety of bags, so that they come in handy during moments of need. Also, it is an investment that you never regret later.

If you’re looking at high quality hand bags, made of genuine leather, check out our collection: Carrying an Adamis bag signifies chic and elegance as it represents a modern and sophisticated woman. An irreplaceable companion for a true bag lover!



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