5 Things you should know while choosing a Laptop Bag

Some people believe buying a laptop bag is a simple task. But because of the substantial cost of a laptop, you need to be wary of quick and impulsive decisions as you might end up purchasing a bag that may not safeguard and enhance the device.

Consider these tips when you’re looking to purchase a laptop bag:

  1. Quality of Main Zipper

The main zippers are an integral component of a laptop bag and thus should never be compromised. Once a zipper fails, a bag might become useless. The highest quality zippers have teeth that are not sharp and feature a zip slider that is made from brass.

Most zippers break when the cloth along the edges of the teeth gets worn through. Therefore before buying a new laptop bag, ensure you give it a few test runs to make sure the zip glides smoothly and there is no unnecessary friction.

  1. Pockets for Essentials

Ensure that your laptop bag has enough pockets and extra compartments for all the essential day-to-day items, such as laptop & mobile chargers, pens, business cards, paper clips, a mouse, mints, tissues, keys, etc. As you look at the bags, you should visualize where each item would go and make sure the bag provides enough space.

  1. Mobile Holder

Your smartphone is with you all day long, so look for a laptop bag that has a mobile holder. A durable mobile holder will protect your smartphone from scratches, liquid spills, the heat of the sun, and airborne dust. It also makes it easier for you to identify your mobile if you have to pick it out from all the other stuff.

  1. Internal Zipper Pocket

While they are very handy for organizing stuff in a laptop bag, most standard interior zipper pockets often aren’t big enough. Everyone has different tastes and needs. If you’re keen on large-sized internal zipper pockets, before buying check if they are roomy enough to meet your requirements.

  1. Soft Handles

Rough and hard handles of laptop bags can lead to painful injuries to the arms and shoulders. So ensure the handles of the bag are soft and buttery, and not plastic-like, stiff, or squeaky. It is recommended to opt for a laptop bag with soft padded handles as they are easy on the body and easy to carry as well.

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