5 Biggest Fashion Trend Fails of All Times!

At some point in our lives, most of us have witnessed some horrifying fashion trends, and really wished those trends should vanish from the planet. While some of the fashion trends have disappeared, some of them continue to haunt us till date. Let’s take a look at the five biggest fashion trend fails of all times.

1. Flatforms


Flatforms got us scratching our heads.  There’s something about their bulky look that’s displeasing to the eye. They lack elegance and make legs look chunky. Flatforms seem to have missed out even on the comfort factor, and thus are considered as one of the worst fashion trends ever.

2. Wallet Chains


Having a wallet attached to your pants might save your cash from theft or your wallet from damage, if dashed accidently. However, when it comes to looks, this style looks really ugly. Additionally, it creates an impression that you need help to hold your wallet or maybe you’re not responsible enough to carry one.

3. The Popped Collar


For some reason, boys thought this fashion was a hit everywhere, however, it wasn’t. Popped collars simply ruined the chic effect of a nice t-shirt, while adding little uniqueness.  Though this style was short-lived, it was weird and unnecessary.

4. Sunglasses at Night


Sunglasses make everyone look glamorous, like a star, but only if worn during the day time. Wearing sunglasses at night is a complete ‘No-No. ’ They not only look comical at night but are also a big fashion disaster.

5. Baggy Pants


During the 90’s, guys had one style statement when it came to pants – baggy pants. Back then, the mantra was ‘THE LOOSER THE BETTER.’ However, many people really looked ridiculous walking around with pants so big. This annoying trend went on for several years, after finally disappearing for good.


Most of us are guilty of getting caught up in some bad fashion trends and look amusing for a few months. However, it’s fun to look back and have a laugh for few minutes on those bad fashion decisions.



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