Women Style: Do You Know If Your Bag Is The Right One For You?

There are so many styles of women’s bags going around at the moment, but the question is do you know if your bag is the right one for you?

We have listed some popular bags that are apt for different purposes. It will help you gain knowledge about what kind of bag you need to choose, depending on the situation and occasion.


These bags are comfortable, yet pretty. Available in different sizes and designs, these bags help you carry all important essentials, without any fuss.

Purpose: If you’re someone who’s adventurous and loves traveling the world, ensure you have a backpack slung over your shoulder.

backpacks bags


However, if you love a hands-free lifestyle, but don’t wish to compromise on fashion and style – opt for a genuine leather bagDurable and long-lasting, pure leather bags will add more charm and allure in your adventure-filled life.

Tote Bags

Fairly simple in design, large and spacious – totes are able to hold a fair amount of things, without that bulging your other bags experience.

Purpose: If you are one of those strong-minded women who juggles a million things every day, the tote bag is the quintessential comfort accessory you need. Functional and practical, these bags will simplify your life and help you keep everything you need neatly and organized right at your side, throughout the day.


Cross-Body Bags

These bags with long straps are very stylish and typically smaller in size. They are meant to be worn across the body. However, they go well with clothing that is more casual or flowing.

Purpose: If you are out with your friends and wish to travel light, go for a cross-body bag. They won’t weigh you down and will help you make an impression when you’re on the move.


Clutch Bag

Clutches are designed to be carried by hand. However, some do have detachable chains or shoulder straps, so they can also be worn hanging from the shoulder.

Purpose:  If you are an outgoing party person, ensure you carry a clutch to show how dressy and fashionable you are. And, if you wish to stand out in a crowd – pick a leather clutch. No matter what attire you prefer to wear for the party, a leather clutch is sure to add an elegant touch to your personality.


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