If You Are a Boss, You Need These

You’re the boss. Congrats. Being a boss is not easy. You are not only expected to shoulder multiple responsibilities, but are also expected to be up-to-date in style. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of seven accessories every boss should have in their collection.


  1. Desk Set


You can’t go wrong with this office accessory. It helps you stay organised and will boost your mood to make you more productive. A good leather desk set will include essentials like envelope holder, note pad, pen holder, coasters and other essentials. Smart and professional, this accessory will eliminate the cluttering look of your desk and will make you more creative and resourceful.


  1. Pen Case


If you love your expensive pen but hate sorting through clutter, then a pen case is highly recommended. A single pen holder is also convenient to carry around, as its slim shape can fit into any laptop or business case comfortably. If you choose a leather pen case, it will appropriately match your professional look and will envy all your co-workers for sure.


  1. Valet Tray


Valet tray is a must-have, catchall accessory for your office. You can use it for keeping multiple things like car keys, room key cards, sunglasses, smartphones, pocket change, or any other loose items you may want handy. So when you run a busy day full of last-minute tasks, a valet tray with all important essentials neatly organised can truly be of great value.


  1. Card Case


For any professional, card case is very useful for storing important business cards. This accessory will keep your cards organised and help you effortlessly pull a card from the case whenever needed. In addition to business cards, card cases can also be handy for storing credit cards and other photo identification documents like PAN cards or driving license. While card cases come in a variety of styles and designs, a leather card case is sure to create a great impression on both your clients as well as staff.


  1. Tablet Case


Tablets are expensive devices and need to be handled with care. So as soon as you buy a new tablet, it is advisable to get a tablet case. This trendy accessory is not only attractive but is also your best defence against potential damages to your device. Functional and efficient, tablet cases not only offer style and versatility, but also offer peace-of-mind while you are travelling. In addition to holding the tablet, a good leather tablet case will also have card slots and pen holder.



  1. Key Chain


Keychain is one of the coolest accessories for any working professional. Right from keeping your home/car/locker keys safe and secure to holding other important essentials like membership cards, business cards, and stationery items, key chains are a good way to keep things organized. For a more sophisticated look, buy a leather key chain to keep all your important belongings together with style.

  1. Money Clips


Useful, fun, and fashionable, this cool accessory brings simplicity to your life. They can take complete control of your cash and create a perfect balance between function and style. A classy piece of leather money clip will enhance your personality and will make you carry the load in utter style and class.

Whatever you choose, make sure you pick a piece from Adamis that will inspire, motivate and encourage you to do better in your professional life.  Be it a leather key chain, a leather card case or a leather valet tray, we offer a wide range of accessories for the high-flying boss.

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