Know Your Bag: 4 Timeless Styles

For women, bags are one of the most important accessories of their lives. Bags hold day-to-day items, shield our valuables and help complete our look.

Just like dresses and shoes, bags have become a common indulgence of bagaholics.  Developed into one of the sophisticated items over the years, handbags come in a variety of designs and styles to satisfy the fashion cravings of women. Here is the list of popular bag styles.


They are the chosen to-go leather bags for women. Large, spacious and usually fairly simple in design, totes are able to hold a fair amount of things, without the bulging look given by other bags when you try cramming your essentials into them. And if it’s a genuine leather bag, a tote looks totally luxe and super classy on every occasion.


Baguettes, which are relatively big in length and small in height, are distinctively-designed bags to be carried on a short strap. They come in different colours and textures while still having a consistent aesthetic. Their prominence on the show ‘Sex and the City’ made them really popular among youngsters. Striking and fine-looking, baguettes convey a great sense of class and style.


As one of the most stylish bags in the market, clutches are designed to be carried in hand. Some clutches also have detachable chains or chic shoulder straps so they can also be hung on the shoulder.

Clutches come in a wide variety of shapes, makes, and styles, all of which can vary between seasons. There is something unique about their aesthetic that screams ‘fabness’ to the eye, especially when carried for evening dates and other fancy occasions.

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are medium-sized bags and are handy for day-to-day use. Since they are used to carry essentials, materials used for shopping bags are often more durable and water-resistant than traditional bags.

Shopping bags come in a variety of styles and shapes to add a playful note to a tedious and long day. They are the perfect choice if you want to balance with comfort, while you go shopping.


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