Different Shoe Styles for Men

Men love their shoes a lot. There are certainly very few men who don’t brag about how many shoes they own. They are just crazy for it!!

And while most of men’s fashion has limited options, there are quite a few styles in men’s shoes. Below are the most common dress shoe styles found in a man’s wardrobe. Each style is unique and provides a distinct touch to a man’s personality.

Lace Up

A classy shoe style with laces, they are timeless and versatile and go great with suits and formal trousers. These shoes come in a variety of colours although black and browns are most popular. The sleeker the design the more formal is the shoe. Men’s leather shoes with laces are considered to be a very strong style statement by many.


Slip-ons are a lazy man’s best friend as they slip on and off easily and offer optimal flexibility and free movement. The cool thing about slip-ons is that they come in with a lot of options. Their versatility makes them suitable for wearing at both formal occasions as well as casual ones. Particularly, men’s leather shoes in slip-on style look very stylish and modish.


Sandals are one of the most essential items for men, especially during summers. For a variety of reasons, these are the ultimate shoe every man needs. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a casual get-together with friends and family members, sandals are the perfect companions, since they are very comfortable on the feet. Sandals made out of genuine leather not only provide high comfort factor but also give a classy touch to a man’s personality.

Monk Straps

As their name suggests, monk strap shoes come with straps and no lacing. This shoe style is perfect for those who seek a unique style as well as freedom from tying laces. Monk straps are available in a variety of colours and can have one strap, two straps or three straps.

You can make your appearance look more stylish with monk straps made of genuine leather. Fashionable and sophisticated men’s leather shoes in monk strap style can really add a striking appeal to a man’s personality.

Adamis offers a wide range of men’s leather shoes in a variety of styles and designs, including all the ones mentioned above.

Browse through our vast collection, and pick a pair that delights you and let your toes wiggle in joy in our amazing men’s leather shoes. Whatever be the occasion, you are sure to experience comfort, durability, and style with Adamis.

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